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About Us

Don't just dream about learning a new language. Dream IN A NEW LANGUAGE!! 
At the Chelsea Hill School of Languages the personal interaction of the classroom environment gives students the real-time opportunity to engage in conversation and ask questions as they arise.  Talk about instant feedback!
Implement your new language skills as you learn them! Here you are not just studying alone from a cd, dvd, or textbook. Our teachers will also increase your immersion in your new language, by directing you to extra materials such as films, magazines, and useful web sites pertaining to your new language. 

Chelsea Hill
Director and Founder

Chelsea Hill studied Italian at the Centro di Cultura Italiana di Bologna and at McGill University, has worked as an Italian interpreter/translator in Italy, Canada, and USA, and has been happily teaching Italian for over 16 years. Chelsea visits Italy annually and holds classes at her school in Haiku. 

As someone who learned Italian as a 2nd language, Chelsea appreciates the trials and tribulations experienced in mastering a foreign language. Drawing from her many years of studying and striving for perfection in both grammar and pronunciation, Chelsea has many 'learning tricks' up her sleeve to help you too master this magnificent language.


Olivia Techoueyres, MA

French Teacher

Olivia holds a Masters Degree in Foreign Applied Languages (English/ Italian), Liberal Arts, from La Sorbonne Paris, as well as a TEFL from Bridge Linguatec, Colorado. She also holds two certificates in screenplay writing: one from Cine Cour, a Canadian film school; the other from Dixit, a Parisian school. She has taught French, worked as a translator/ interpreter, and has also been a free-lance writer for many extreme-sport magazines in Europe. In 2005, her first book was published in France. Olivia has recently completed a job as translator and language coach for the forthcoming film “Finding Gauguin”.

A French native, Olivia has travelled throughout the world and has been living in the United States for over 15 years, including 10 years on Maui. Olivia is passionate about surfing, dance, reading, writing, and yoga.


Ana Lucia Umpierre Leite

Spanish Teacher 

Ana  Lucia Leite  studied Spanish at the Universidade Federal do Parana in Brazil. After college she moved to Europe, where she spent almost two decades perfecting her language skills. She taught Spanish in Munich, German in Barcelona, and Portuguese in Brighton, UK. In Barcelona she also helped to publish “101 verbs in 1 day”, an innovative learning tool that uses both sides of the brain. Ana moved to Maui two years ago, where she has continued to teach Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese at all levels.


Holly Formolo

English-As-A-Second-Language Teacher 

Holly Formolo (MA TESOL pending) (Ed: BA in anthropology/archaeology University of Hawaii at Hilo; current graduate student at The New School, NYC.) Holly has resided on Maui for over 18 years. Her work as an archaeologist has given her many insights into humanity and its inter-cultural workings. Through this she developed a love of language and how people use language as empowerment. This led her on her current path as a graduate student in The New School's highly coveted Masters program in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language. She has taught multi-lingual classes at the International Center of New York with a focus on various skills of oral communication.


Marie-Laure Ditte, MA
French Teacher
Marie-Laure is a creative and happy native French “demoiselle”/ lady. During her undergraduate studies, she lived for six months in Australia, where she improved her English, as well as studied Spanish and German. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Business and Marine biology, she worked for three years and then travelled the world (over 15 countries in 8 months). Marie-Laure has been teaching French for six years, and has taught English to refugees in her hometown of Calais. She has now been on Maui for over a year, enjoying the fisheries world, the surf, and island life. She is looking forward to teaching you French and sharing her culture. She loves cooking, so be ready to try her cakes !!


Molli Flemming, MA
Advisor, Spanish Curriculum

Molli Fleming has been teaching Spanish on Maui for 18 years, 5 of them at Seabury Hall and 13 at MCC. Before coming to Maui, she lived in both Mexico and Spain, and taught Spanish at the University of Oregon. Molli relies on her BA in Drama to infuse her classes with theatrical pizazz and to get students engaged in speaking right away.
Molli has  also led Study Abroad groups to Mexico, Spain and Cuba.




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